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Статистический анализ карт Марса

А.Т. Зверев, Чан Тиен Ранг

Страницы: 245–253

Аннотация. Выполнен статистический анализ карт Марса, включающий в себя: построение матрицы параметров с осреднением; корреляционный анализ с использованием метода скользящего окна; построение карт-схем изокоррелят и анализ полученных результатов.

Ключевые слова: анализ, коэффициент корреляции, кривые распределения параметров, карта-схема изокоррелят, analysis, correlation coefficient, distributed curves of parameter, iso-correlate maps, map

Statistical analysis of maps of Mars

A.T. Zverev, Tran Tien Rang

Pages: 245–253

Summary. A statistical analysis of the heights of the surface relief, the number of craters, albedo, anomalies of gravity and the heights of the geoid of Mars has been performed. Matrices of parameters were constructed with trapezoid averaging of 20°×20°, average values of parameters for Mars and separately for continental and marine areas were obtained, and curves of changes of parameters were constructed. A correlation analysis was performed using the trapezoid sliding window of 80̊ × 80̊ and a radius of displacement per unit cell (trapezoid) of 20°×20°. 10 iso-correlate maps were constructed. The hypsographic curve showed a clear predominance of the relief heights more than 2 km relative to the conventional zero level. An analysis of the distribution of craters along the surface of Mars showed the presence of two main age categories of the lithosphere on Mars: Regions with altitudes from –2 km to 2 km have the oldest age, and the remaining regions are relatively younger. The distributed curve of gravity anomalies shows a tendency for gravity to decrease from the deep depressions of the sea areas towards the continents, reaching a minimum at a relief height 10 km, and then it increases to its average values. The curve of change in the heights of the geoid shows a sharp increase in the height of the geoid from the height of the surface from 4 km to 10 km, and then its decrease to the previous (background) level. Analysis of the curve of gravity anomalies and heights of the geoid relief shows that the marine lithosphere (starting at a depth 4 km) and the continental lithosphere (up to a height 10 km) are characterized by gradual decompression (thickening) of the lithosphere. Underlying mantle, however, contains a weighting (compaction) substance. Correlation coefficients on the continents and iso-correlates showed a reliable connection between relief with the albedo (r = 0,35), relief with gravity anomalies (r = –0,38), surface relief with relief of geoid (r = 0.6), and in marine areas surface relief with the number of craters (r = –0,57). In other cases, correlation is not observed. It was concluded that the terrestrial planets, asteroids, meteorites, comets and satellites of the planets were composed of substance ejected by the explosion of a supernova and were captured by a hydrogen-helium protosolar system consisting of the Sun and giant planets.

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