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Особенности технологии создания (обновления) специализированных топографических карт нефтегазового назначения

Т.В. Верещака, М.Ю. Баканова

Страницы: 678–688

Аннотация. Рассмотрены особенности технологии создания (обновления) специализированных топографических карт применительно к проектированию, строительству и эксплуатации подземных хранилищ газа в отложениях каменной соли. Технология представлена в общей блок-схеме и детальном изложении ее этапов с акцентом на специфику и авторские разработки по разделам: подготовительные работы, дешифрирование снимков, создание базы данных, специализированное программное обеспечение.

Ключевые слова: база данных, программное обеспечение, технология создания (обновления) карты, топографическая специализированная карта, database, software, topographic specialized map, technology of creation (updating) of the map

Features of technology for creating (updating) specialized topographic maps for oil and gas purposes

T.V. Vereshchaka, M.Y. Bakanova

Pages: 678–688

Summary. Features of technology of creation (updating) of specialized topographic maps which are created for ensuring design, construction and operation of underground storages of hydrocarbons in deposits of rock salt were considered. The technology is presented in the summary table, where to the main established stages of creating (updating) universal topographic maps include processes that ensure the implementation of requests of industry production. That is, it is assumed that specialized maps are created (updated) in a singltechnological cycle with the main ones. The proposed technology is considered with an emphasis on its specifics and author's development in the following sections: preparatory work, the interpretation of images, database creation, specialized software. All the features of the executable processes, research aspects and their results are described in detail, the novelty of the solutions is emphasized. The technology is based on the use of as universal geographic information systems and developer tools as allow you to create independent applications in different programming languages for the industry tasks solved in the study. The presentation of each stage of the technological cycle is supplemented by illustrations and an indication of the specific software used. The study is based on previous developments, considered in previously published articles (given in the list of references).

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