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Определение основных понятий и концепций, лежащих в основе формализации содержания атласа

А.А. Макаренко, Г.И. Загребин

Страницы: 673–677

Аннотация. Рассмотрены составные части содержания атласа. Их сущность и терминология формируют единый концептуальный подход построения картографического изображения атласа, который позволяет по-новому сформулировать предмет картографирования, обозначить задачи исследования, отличные от подобных исследований географических дисциплин.

Ключевые слова: атласная структура, атласное картографирование, уровни обобщения содержания, целостность содержания атласа, Atlas mapping, the levels of aggregation of content, the structure of atlas

Definition of basic notions and concepts underlying the formalization of the content of the atlas

A.A. Makarenko, G.I. Zagrebin

Pages: 673–677

Summary. Data and classifications of other scientific branches are used to visualize in the cartography. Also to visualize the cartography applies general scientific methods of abstraction and generalization. At the same time, research and explanation of the essence of cartographic image is based on the terminology of scientific disciplines, the data and classifications of which are used on maps. This article is an attempt to show what is related to cartography terminology according with positions of atlas mapping. So, the content of the atlas as a system of cartographic images was chosen as the object of study. The theoretical basics of atlas mapping are selected as the subject of research. It will provide an understanding of connections between the object and other objects of the same subject area. A uniform conceptual approach to the study of atlas content made it possible to achieve the following results. The cartographic essence of applied concepts of «section», «mapping level» was established. The concept of «level of generalization of content» was introduced. It was clarified that the subject of atlas mapping is the relationship between the levels of generalization of the content rather then the levels of generalization (sections/components) of the content of the atlas in themselves. Also the concept of «atlas structure» was introduced and defined as «the relative position and relationship of the levels of generalization of the content of the atlas». The considered components of the atlas content, its essence, allow us to formulate a uniform conceptual approach to constructing a cartographic image of the atlas, and to re-formulate the subject of mapping, designating research tasks that are different from similar studies of geographical disciplines.

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