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Экспериментальная установка для исследования методов обработки данных, полученных с использованием ГНСС

А.Л. Фялковский

Страницы: 27-34

Аннотация. Рассмотрен вопрос оценки методов обработки данных при спутниковых измерениях и средств спутниковых измерений. Рассмотрено использование для этой цели экспериментальных установок. Выполнен обзор литературных источников, проанализированы описанные установки и приспособления для исследования ГНСС-технологий. Описана экспериментальная установка, созданная автором. Установка обеспечивает управляемое перемещение спутникового приeмника по известной траектории. В качестве примера приводятся результаты исследований, выполненных с использованием данной экспериментальной установки.

Ключевые слова: ГНСС, исследование точности ГНСС, оценка результатов, экспериментальная установка, accuracy of GNSS coordinates, equipment, estimation of results, experimental, GNSS

Experimental facility for investigation of data processing methods for GNSS

A.L. Fialkovskii

Pages: 27-34

Summary. This article emphasizes the estimation of data processing methods for satellite measurements. The usage of experimental facilities for this purpose is considered. The literature sources are reviewed. The facilities described and used for GNSS equipment research purposes have been analyzed (GNSS — Global Navigation Satellite Systems). There are many different types of experimental facilities which allow moving along a linear or circular path, faster or slower. A receiver in such facilities could be put in motion manually of via an electric motor. Displacement of the satellite receiver along a particular trajectory where all the movement parameters are known is the structural concept of the different experimental facilities. Further, the measurements made by the receiver are processed. Comparison of the calculated and known parameters makes it possible to evaluate the processing methods used. The experimental facility created by the author is described. That facility provides controlled movement of the satellite receiver along a known circular trajectory. The electric motor puts the receiver in motion. The facility has some specific features. They are: slow and fast motion (from 3 centimeters per hour to 10 meters per a minute); all movement parameters are fully controlled; the facility is transportable. Two experiments carried out with the use of the facility have been taken as an example and then analyzed. The first experiment shows the rotation of the receiver round the circle. The second experiment describes a method for estimating the accuracy of the results got.

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