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Оценка результатов спутниковых определений пунктов геодезической сети с различными сеансами наблюдений

М.Г. Мустафин, Ж.А. Юнес

Страницы: 23-26

Аннотация. Представлены результаты исследования статических наблюдений на пунктах геодезической сети с использованием одной и двух базовых станций. Предмет исследования — установление зависимостей точности измерения разных длин линий геодезической сети от времени наблюдений. Приведены результаты спутниковых определений, выполненных на территории Саудовской Аравии.

Ключевые слова: базовая станция, определение линии, продолжительность наблюдений, спутниковые определения, среднеквадратическая погрешность измерений, статические наблюдения, base station, duration of observations, line determinations, root-mean-square measurement error

Еvaluation of the results of position determination of the geodetic network points via satellite methods with various numbers of observation sessions

M.G. Mustafin, J.A. Younes

Pages: 23-26

Summary. The results of the investigation of the static satellite observations carried out on the geodetic network points with the use of one and two base stations are presented. Conducting of such studies is important due to the lack of information on whether a number of base stations exert an impact on the measurements accuracy. In addition, the establishment of the dependence of the measurement accuracy of different lengths of the geodetic network lines on the observations time is of interest. Direct measurements have been carried out on the territory of Saudi Arabia, where the development of a geodetic network is a burning issue. Trimble R10 dualfrequency receivers were used during the observations. Satellites determinations were performed according to certain schemes. In case of using one base station all the lines which connect the nearest points to the station were calculated. In case of two stations were being used, the observations were carried out simultaneously on three points including the base points. The third point is the closest point to the baseline. The other three points were determined as follows: two points had been taken fr om the previous triangle and the one which was the nearest one to the line formed by the first two points etc. The results got indicate that in case of one station is being used it takes at least three hours to make measurements a centimeter more precise. The usage of two stations allows reducing the measurement time by one hour. It is important for cases of the areas with harsh climatic conditions wh ere the observation time could be limited by such conditions. Furthermore, these studies are of practical interest as they allow choosing satellite measurement technology according to the equipment available.

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