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Экспериментальные исследования типов и динамики застройки по космическим снимкам для картографирования застраиваемых территорий

В.В. Беленко

Страницы: 52-62

Аннотация. Приводятся результаты экспериментальных исследований по картографированию типов застройки, а также их динамики на основе многозональных космических снимков для задач градостроительного планирования. Разработанная автором классификация типов застройки служит основой для дешифрирования различных типов и подтипов застройки по космическим снимкам. Проанализированы результаты тематической обработки многозональных космических снимков, а также авторские оригиналы карт структуры и динамики застройки.

Ключевые слова: застраиваемые территории, карта, космические снимки, типы застройки, building types, map, non built-up area, satellite images

Experimental researches of types and dynamics of building on space images with the purpose to map non built-up areas

V.V. Belenko

Pages: 52-62

Summary. The modern trend of urban development is marked by the destruction of the natural environment, disrupting the ecological balance. That might be caused by the randomness of the location of capital construction objects, due to insufficient information about the nature of development of the area under investigation. Different buildings and structures form various types of housing. It is necessary to have a complete picture of composition and distribution of different types of housing, as well as its dynamic pattern at equal intervals. This is the core of ecologically justified approach to planning for location of capital construction projects within a particular area. The author suggests using multi-zonal space images of medium spatial resolution and a cartographic method for displaying the results of interpretation to solve the problem. This study presents the results of experimental researches on mapping of building types, as well as their dynamics based on multizonal space images. Those researches are aimed to solve problems of urban planning. The block diagrams of space images interpretation and an author-developed classification of building types are proposed. The results of the analysis of multi-zonal space images thematic processing, as well as author's map manuscripts of structure and dynamics of housing are given.

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