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К вопросу об оптимальном проектировании геодезических сетей

Лэ Ань Куонг

Страницы: 147-151

Аннотация. Рассматривается вопрос об определении оптимального плана измерений линейной геодезической сети при количестве минимально измеряемых сторон, максимальной точности положения наблюдаемых пунктов и заданной предельной ошибки их положения. Применение рекуррентного способа уравнивания и использование программного обеспечения позволяют быстро оценивать варианты проектирования геодезической сети. Это эффективный метод для оптимального проектирования геодезических сетей наблюдения за горизонтальными смещениями гидроэлектростанций.

Ключевые слова: геодезическая сеть, оптимальное проектирование, ошибка положения, рекуррентный способ уравнивания, geodetic network, optimal designing, position error, recurrent way of equalizing

Revisiting the question of the optimal engineering of geodetic networks

Le Anh Cuong

Pages: 147-151

Summary. Scientifically based design of geodetic measurements provides for an optimal work plan. Such a plan is aimed to ensure that the required quantities are obtained with the highest or necessary accuracy for given conditions. It is vital to develop an optimal measurement plan for engineering of geodetic networks and networks of special purpose. Those network types usually require precise position determination of network points. Methods of mathematical programming are used to complete those tasks. Using specific software it is possible to make a huge number of calculations. Many hydraulic structures have been modernized and built in recent years in Vietnam. Monitoring and observation over the deformations of hydraulic structures are extremely important. Geodetic networks for tracking the horizontal displacements of the hydroelectric power station have severe and strict requirements for accuracy and for the measurements time. Therefore, it is necessary to develop optimal measurement plans. In the last two decades so-called recursion equalization has been widely used. It makes possible to obtain immediately a matrix of inverse weights of unknown quantity without drawing up normal equations as new measurements are introduced into the network and redundant measurements are removed. Thanks to professor Yu. I. Markuse and his research recursion method is widely used where it might be helpful, for instance, for optimal geodetic networks engineering.

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