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Виды картографических произведений, созданных по результатам межевания земель России в середине XIX века

А.Л. Степанченко

Страницы: 152-156

Аннотация. Топографо-геодезические съемки Центрально-Европейских губерний Российской империи под руководством генерал-лейтенанта А.И. Менде являются одним из важнейших этапов истории картографии нашей страны. В статье рассмотрены предпосылки и необходимость проведения столь масштабных и весьма значимых работ, выполненных совместными усилиями Военного и Межевого ведомств в середине XIX в. Освещены основные картографические результаты съемок – топографические межевые карты и атласы.

Ключевые слова: межевание, съемки Менде, топографические межевые карты и атласы, land surveying, Mende surveys, topographic land surveying maps and atlases

Types of cartographic products created using the data of land-surveying of Russia in the middle of the XIX century

A.L. Stepanchenko

Pages: 152-156

Summary. Since 1765, by decree of Empress Catherine II geodetic works called the General surveying began to be carried out in the Russian Empire. The main task of surveying was the registration of state and other land holdings which were to have the boundaries fixed legally and technically. Surveying work is a slow process so the data of the General survey became obsolete. In 1846 the Russian geographical society initiated a new surveying to update the cartographic materials of General land survey and clarify the location of boundaries of land use. As an experiment, work was commissioned to start with the area of the Tver province and consolidated efforts of the Military and Survey departments under the overall command of General Mende. For almost 20 years, surveying covered the territory of 8 provinces with a total area of 345,000 square verst. As a result, multi-color topographic surveying plans, maps and even atlases were created, and valuable information on land use was collected to so-called «Economic notes». Boundary topographic maps served as the beginning of thematic (special) mapping of the country. Topographic survey of the Central European provinces of the Russian Empire in the middle of the XIX century under the command of General-Lieutenant A.I. Mende is one of the most important stages of the history of cartography in our country.

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