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Картографирование туристско-рекреационного потенциала Астраханской области

Н.К. Степанова

Страницы: 157-161

Аннотация. Статья посвящена разработке туристcко-рекреационной карты Астраханской области и оценке рекреационного потенциала картографируемой территории. Рассмотрены общегеографическая основа и тематическое содержание проектируемой карты. Представлена рекреационная оценка ландшафтных районов и приведены основные выводы по туристско-рекреационному потенциалу региона на основе интерпретации составленной карты.

Ключевые слова: виды туризма, картографирование, ландшафтный район, рекреационный потенциал, содержание карты, туристко-рекреационная зона, туристcко-рекреационная карта, landscape area, map content, mapping, recreational potential, tourist and recreation area

Mapping of tourist and recreational potential of the Astrakhan region

N.K. Stepanova

Pages: 157-161

Summary. The article is devoted to the design of a tourist and recreational map of the Astrakhan region. The general geographical base and thematic content of the map to be designed are also considered. The map content is built upon the recreational potential of the landscape areas of the mapping area, obtained by assessing the recreational value and concentration of historical and cultural objects in each of them. In addition, the map shows specially protected natural areas and natural monuments existing in the region (zoological, botanic, water and geological). Much attention is paid to some of the most important tourist infrastructure of the city of Astrakhan and all available monuments of cultural heritage on the cartographic territory. The map also shows the tourist and recreational areas with a list of the organized types of tourism specified in the legend of the map. The map is supplemented with referral information on some medical and geographical indicators of the region, in particular, the leprosy rate in each landscape region. This information reflects mostly historical specifics of the region, and may be of interest to tourists studying the history of the region. According to the article, settling down on the interpretation of the compiled map it is possible to assess accurately the tourist and recreational potential of the region.

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