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О системах распределенных реестров в информационных технологиях кадастра

Л.Г. Максудова, Т.В. Маставичене

Страницы: 173-178

Аннотация. Рассмотрен blockchain как инструмент в системах распределенных реестров с акцентом на применение в информационных системах кадастра. Показаны основные идеи, на которых базируется технология blockchain (цепочки блоков). Демонстрируется метод построения цепочки блоков с последующим формированием на его основе элемента базы данных как экземпляра распределенного реестра. Указаны ключевые факторы, обеспечивающие экономические, технические и организационные преимущества при реализации Государственного кадастра недвижимости на основе системы распределенных реестров и blockchain.

Ключевые слова: база данных, блокчейн, информационные технологии, кадастр, цепочка блоков, blockchain, cadaster, database, Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed register systems in the information technology of cadasters

L.G. Maksudova, T.V. Mastavichene

Pages: 173-178

Summary. The security requirements of the infrastructure of cadastral information systems are analyzed. The risks gone with creation of cadastral information systems and systems operation are listed; practical recommendations on reducing the impact of such risks are given. In accordance with the government program «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation», special attention is paid to Distributed Ledger Technology and blockchain technology with an emphasis on its usage in the information systems of cadaster. Basic ideas of blockchain technology which involves a special kind of coding hashing are shown. The implementations of hash functions in database based on various algorithms, specifying the features of their application are mentioned. A method for constructing a chain of blocks is demonstrated. Further on its basis a database element as an occurrence of a distributed registry is formed. A valid conclusion of the technological prospects of the establishing of a state real estate cadaster using elements of the technology of distributed registry systems is made. The key factors which offer economic, technical and organizational advantages while actualizing the state real estate cadaster on the basis of the system of distributed registers and blockchain are indicated. Reduction of commission expenses of participants for conducting a transaction and registration of the right, security of the transaction, safety and integrity of information entering the cadastre are justified.

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