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Особенности структуры и функций землеустроительной службы в Социалистической Республике Вьетнам

Ле Тхи Ким Зунг

Страницы: 314-319

Аннотация. Анализ структуры и функций землеустроительной службы в Республике Вьетнам – исходная основа для оценки уровня управления земельными ресурсами страны. Описана организация различных органов управления землепользованием в этой стране.

Ключевые слова: Вьетнам, землеустроительная службы, функция и структура, function and structure, land management services, Vietnam

Features of the structure and functions of the land management service in Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Le Thi Kim Dung

Pages: 314-319

Summary. Process of economic transformation in Socialist Republic of Vietnam has determined the importance of managing land relations and land resources. This is due to the fact that the land in addition to the traditional property (by means of production, spatial basis, natural bodies, etc.) has become the object of legal relations and the real estate object. It is necessary to establish organizational and management systems that have the most important properties as integrity, particularity, centralization, adaptability, etc. in order to make management of land resources effective. The properties are to be taken into account when developing managerial decisions and organizing the management structure. State management in the field of rational use and land protection means that the state establishes certain rules and regulations on the use of land and individual parts by creating legal institutions in the field of land use (land use rights, land lease, land market, etc.). The system of land administration bodies forms a single managerial top-down command structure and cooperates with the executive bodies of the executive power. The subject of management at a higher level coordinates the organization of lower-level entities, based on the principal of efficiency of rational land use accepted by a specific administrative-territorial entity. In Vietnam, the land is a weal of the whole people. At the same time, the state acts in two ways: as the representative of property and as an authority. The article presents functions and features of the structure of the land management service in Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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