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Практические аспекты исправления реестровых ошибок при наложении границ нескольких смежных земельных участков

М.В. Литвиненко

Страницы: 530-535

Аннотация. Статья посвящена актуальной на сегодняшний день проблеме выявления и исправления ошибок в Едином государственном реестре недвижимости. Описано содержание кадастровых работ по одновременному исправлению реестровых ошибок шести смежных земельных участков. Обобщается практический опыт решения спорных вопросов, связанных с установлением и согласованием границ земельных участков с целью занесения корректных сведений в Единый государственный реестр недвижимости.

Ключевые слова: земельные участки, кадастровые работы, реестровая ошибка, cadastral work, land plot, registry error

Practical aspects of the correction of registry errors in the imposition of the boundaries of several adjacent land plots

M.V. Litvinenko

Pages: 530-535

Summary. According to the Russian law, all land plots located on the territory of the Russian Federation must be included on the Unified State Register of Real Estate (USRN). However, USRN contains false data on the boundaries of a large number of land plots. Problems of elimination of registry errors are associated with the emergence of disputes encountered in the boundaries negotiations in regard to the adjacent land plots. Registry errors cause difficulties in registration of transactions with a land plot, problems with state cadastral registration of an object of capital construction, account for refusing to receive a loan or subsidies, suspension of state registration of any rights and restrictions, including mortgages. In this regard, the issues considered in the article are relevant and important, first of all, for the land owners. The article summarizes the practical experience in resolving controversial issues related to the establishment and coordination of the boundaries of land plots in order to enter the correct information in the Unified State Register of Real Estate. The content of cadastral works on the simultaneous correction of the registry error of six adjacent land plots is given.

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