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Технология создания единой трехмерной модели объекта недвижимости

О.А. Корчагина, Нгуен Тхуи Чанг, А.В. Тевкина

Страницы: 659–662

Аннотация. Обосновывается актуальность темы создания трехмерных моделей для целей кадастра, а также необходимость получения трехмерных моделей недвижимости в единой местной системе координат. Предлагается способ передачи координат внутрь помещений в фотограмметрическом методе получения трехмерных моделей для целей кадастра недвижимости. Описываются результаты выполненного эксперимента, подтверждающего возможность его применения.

Ключевые слова: единая система координат, модель объектов, оконные марки, трехмерный кадастр, фотограм- метрическая съемка, model of an object, photogrammetric survey, three-dimensional cadastre, unified coordinate system, window marker

Technology of creating of the unified three-dimensional model of a real estate object

O.A. Korchagina, Nguyen Thuy Trang, A.V. Tevkina

Pages: 659–662

Summary. Methods of creating three-dimensional models are actively used abroad, in particular, for the purposes of the three-dimensional cadastre. The Federal Service of Rosreestr in 2012 stated the fact of the necessity, possibility and efficiency of maintaining a three-dimensional cadastre in Russia. Various technologies for creating three-dimensional models of objects are known. Some of them use photogrammetry methods. Three-dimensional models of premises (facades) and their internal parts should be created within a unified coordinate system. The article proposes a method for transferring coordinates of control points from external space to the interior space of premises. To do this, it is necessary to paste double-sided marks on the windows to measure them and include in the network the phototriangulation during photogrammetric processing and creation of a three-dimensional model of the facade of the building. And then use the coordinates of these points as reference for photogrammetric processing and creating models of interior spaces. As a result, the obtained models will have a common coordinate system. The results of the experiment realizing this method are presented in the article. The experiment was carried out with the transfer of data in the conditional coordinate system of the inner part of the premises to the facade of the building. The results fully confirm the possibility of using this method of transmitting reference data. Control measurements showed that the accuracy of the construction of the facade model corresponds to the accuracy of the three-dimensional models of the premises.

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